Jessica Cobian 9-06-2017

We are calling on the people of faith to stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters and tell Congress to the DREAM Act — and we are inviting DACAmented youth to share your stories. We will be publish these at Sojourners and sharing them with our members of Congress.

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Almost every Christian denomination in the U.S. shows signs of growing diversity as white Christians, once the majority in most mainline Protestant and Catholic denominations, give way to younger members, who tend to be of different races, according to a study released Sept. 6 by the Public Religion Research Institute.

And American evangelicals — once seemingly immune to the decline experienced by their Catholic and mainline Protestant neighbors — are losing numbers and losing them quickly.

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And while presidents before have consulted with spiritual advisers — evangelist Billy Graham is the best-known example — the current group’s members certainly appear to care not only about Trump’s own spiritual well-being, but also have concrete views about a range of issues and make no secret of wanting policy changes.

But exactly how much influence they wield — and whether they benefit from the association — is a matter of conjecture and debate.

the Web Editors 9-05-2017

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"Our faith is rooted in the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and his teachings claim authority in life and in death.
We reject as false doctrine any other claim on our lives—whether contrived of state or reason—that violates Jesus’ ethic of the equal and inestimable dignity of all people, each created in the very image of God and as such equally created with the divine call and capacity to sustain, protect, and serve the world."

the Web Editors 9-05-2017

FILE PHOTO: Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks at a briefing on leaks of classified material threatening national security at the Justice Department in Washington, Aug. 4, 2017. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

As expected, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced today the administration is ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that protects from deportation about 800,000 young immigrants who were brought to the country as children.

the Web Editors 9-05-2017

Gabe Salguero, president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, is urging evangelicals to defend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which has given about 800,000 young immigrants protection from deportation. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is set to announce the end of the program with a six-month delay.

Stephen Mattson 9-05-2017

President Donald Trump’s decision to deport our neighbors, students, coworkers, friends, and family is a great injustice. Although people can be given labels such as ‘alien,’ ‘immigrant,’ ‘undocumented,’ and ‘illegal,’ as Christians we should know that immigrants — regardless of their legal status — are individuals deeply loved by God and created in God’s Divine image.

Dhanya Addanki 9-01-2017

With the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in limbo, our Associate Web Editor Dhanya Addanki talked to Patrice Lawrence and Mwewa Sumbwe of the UndocuBlack Network about what the end of DACA could mean. This network was founded by undocumented black immigrants who wanted to center the voices of black undocumented people that are often left out of the immigration conversation. Listen in as they explore the intersections of being black and undocumented in the U.S. and the struggles and joys those identities hold.

Click here to sign a petition telling congress to save DACA:

Learn more about the UndocuBlack Network at

Jennifer Butler 9-01-2017

Members of Trump’s council even told evangelical author and commentator Jonathan Merritt that they could not think of a comment or behavior that would trigger their resignation. It appears that any behavior, including serial adultery or sexual assault, is excusable to these leaders when committed by the president. 

JoAnn Flett 9-01-2017

This present social climate presents a kairos moment for businesses pursuing social justice. In a recent New York Times interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook pointed out, “I think [business leaders] have a moral responsibility to help grow the economy, to help grow jobs, to contribute to this country and to contribute to the other countries that we do business in.” I wholeheartedly agree.

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