Without DACA, My Life Will Be Torn Apart

High Point, NC
United States

I'm 23. I came to this country at the age of 5. I can remember how different it was — I originated from central Mexico.

Life in the United States has been amazing, from not knowing one word in English to being a college graduate. My story is not meant to cause sorrow or pity, yet to be understood and change people's perception on DACA. Growing up Hispanic wasn't easy; being from the South, racism was nothing strange: a lot of obstacles and a lot of inequalities, humiliations. I just want to say it wasn't my choice to come, yet while being here I adapted incredibly fast, perfected English in less that a year and a half. I am no genius, yet always managed to excel in classes. My parents were factory workers with little English skills and knowledge, and I had no help in school work except for the little time I had in ESL.

I hold memorable things in my head: America is the only place that I believe a young Hispanic kid like myself, with ambition, pain, and hope can grow up and be anything they wish to be. I'm so proud to have grown up in such a beautiful place. Yes, I am Mexican, and I'll always hold that dearly. But by heart I am American.

I have accomplished many things; it hasn't been easy. I've managed to get an associates degree at out-of-state tuition since DACA is not in-state worthy in N.C. I've worked and worked since I've gotten out of high school, building furniture during the day and attending night school. How I wished that I could of gone to a university right out of school, or have had the opportunity to. My hands are blistered and torn, I struggled to stay awake in classes to do the heavy work of building furniture in piece work (paid by what you build).

Without DACA, my life will be torn apart. I have successfully integrated into society, lived with little fear. I've managed to work my way up to a really decent living. I mean no harm America, my dream as a kid has always been to serve as a soldier, create my own business, contribute and work hard for this country.

Mr. Donald Trump, I have no hate toward you; I respect you — you are the president after all. I disagree with you in some things though: I AM Mexico's best, not a criminal, murderer, thief, or a rapist. The fate of many lives rest with in your hands and the GOP. I pray and hope every day you do the right thing. I fear that If you deport me, I'll lose everything I worked so hard for. No one will be able to be a role model for my younger brother, and there'd be no one to protect my family. I feel impotent and useless just by thinking about it. I hope my story helps change some points of views.

Please pass the DREAM Act; we won't let you down America. God bless.

A friend.

Share image: Sheila Fitzgerald / Shutterstock.com